1. What IS FIRST Robotics?
    FIRST Robotics is a youth organization that stands “For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology.” FIRST sponsors robotics competitions all over the United States, bringing together teams from all around the globe. Founded by Dean Kamen, famous inventor and entrepreneur, FIRST gives students the opportunity to learn and exercise skills not only in engineering, mathematics, science, and technology, but also skills in business, teamwork, and the arts.
  2. What do our robots do?
    Every season (FRC beginning in January), FIRST releases a “game,” or challenge that the robots must complete. There is a different game for every year and for every league. Games from previous years include: Steamworks, Recycle Rush, and Stronghold.
  3. Where do we get our funding?
    We are an independent non-profit group. We do our own fundraising and rely on Sponsors to support us for parts and competition fees. Our school provides a space for us to work in, as well as the support of the staff and students.
  4. How can I help?
    There are many ways to help our team! Sponsors, mentors, and our community are important to Dover Shockwave and our activities! Head on over to How You Can Help for more information!