Mini Maker Faire (8/26/2017)

Dover Shockwave Robotics 2017 Mini Maker Faire Raffle Winners:
1. Scott Daigb (Ticket Number: 2229174) – Barnes and Noble (2) $5.00 Gift Cards
2. Beth Schartner (Ticket Number: 2229186) – Dos Amigos $10 Gift Card
3. Jessica Connery (Ticket Number: 2229176) – Dos Amigos $15 Gift Card
4. Beth Schartner (Ticket Number: 2229184) – Adelle’s Coffeehouse $15 Gift Card
5. Jessica Connery (Ticket Number: 2229175) – La Festa $20 Gift Card
6. Wayne Moulton (Ticket Number: 2229188) – Tucker’s $25 Gift Card
7. Nate Roth (Ticket Number: 2229180) – Dover Shockwave Robotic’s Jacket (Man – Medium)

Congratulations to all the winners. We will be in touch in the next few days. Thank you for everyone’s support. We will be holding a even more exciting raffle in the upcoming Dover Apple Harvest Day. More detail will be on our Facebook Page.

We wanted to thank the above businesses for their generous donations to help make this raffle happen. Thank you!!!