How You Can Help

There are several ways you can help us!

Become a Mentor!

Our team is always looking for new mentors.  Mentors come into our workshop, communicate with us electronically via email, social media channels or our own forum in order to teach us new skills and enhance our old ones.  Mentors are invaluable, and if you want to offer your knowledge to the team, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Become a Sponsor!

Sponsors are people or groups that support us monetarily which enable us to purchase parts and components of our robots, register for competitions, develop our community outreach projects and more. Many of our sponsors also work with our mentors to teach us new skills, provide us with additional supplies and components that we would otherwise not be able to build or purchase ourselves.  Sponsors are given a spot for their logo on our team shirts, website and banners. Sponsors are welcome to visit us in our workshop or at our competitions.

Help us with Fundraisers!

We also have several fundraising programs that you can help us as well:

  • GiveWithLiberty

If your friends or families work at Liberty Mutual. They have a program that help fund their local community. By selecting Dover Shockwave Robotics as their charity of choice, Liberty Mutual will match 50% their donation.  Spread the words to everyone that you know about this.

  • Others

Throughout the year, we hold different smaller fundraisers to continue supporting our financial state. Keep an eye on our social media pages to watch for these!

Just Be You!

Just the act of taking an interest and spreading awareness of our team help us! We appreciate all of the support we receive and hope that everyone who gives us their support understands how integral to our success you are.

Our goal at the end of the day is to help our students grow as people and FIRST to grow as a program. You watching us and giving us your support is part of what makes us Shockwave Robotics.

Thank you!