Our Robots

2022-2023 – Mushu

Media to come

2021-2022 – Arlo

Media to come

2019-2020 – NoName [COVID’ed]

Media to come

2018-2019 – Jack

Media to come

2017-2018 – Alfred

Alfred was able to pick up blocks to gain ownership of the smaller scale and shuttle blocks to get power ups

2016-2017 – Chick Hicks

Chick Hicks could pick gears off the ground and climb

2015-2016 – Chuck

Chuck could shoot balls into both the high and low goal, but could also cross most of the obstacles around the field

2014-2015 – Arnold

Arnold could lift stacked totes as well as the recycling trash bins

2013-2014 – Olaf (“BINGO WAS HIS NAME O”, a.k.a Yoga Ball Eater)

Launched balls

2012-2013 – N.O.R.M.

Shot Frisbees for fun